Friday, May 6, 2011

Stills from Site 3 - A place for Balak Gyan

Three sites with varied conditions

Site one: Chai Pani Aur Book (tea water and book)
Site two: Jal Gyan (water knowledge pavillion)
Site three: Balak Gyan (children's library)

Walking distance between Intellectual Faculties

To promote pedestrian use of Budha Nallah, the sites are placed within walking distance and can act as points to enter the city scape via this back stage channel.  

Proposed sites for Intellectual Faculties along Budha Nallah

These sites introduce opportunities to create public spaces related to the idea of learning and knowledge in relation to water, which can act as catalysts for positive growth for the surrounding communities. Certain sites with agricultural land do not imply displacement of agricultural land with public facilities. The interventions will address both uses.  

Unbuilt Landscape around Budha Nallah

Unbuilt sites consist of vacant lots/wastelands/informal settlements/agricultural land.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dry Leaf meandering along Budha Nallah

The Dry Leaf - Parminder Sodhi

"Intellectual Wasteland"

Quoted texts are extracts from an article "Ludhiana’s People and Their Aversion to Reading" by Sanjeev Bedi.

The terms 'intellectual wasteland', 'intellectual faculties' are points of departure into an urban investigation of creating accessible faculties/spaces that will stimulate the role of learning, intellect and imagination in the urban individual.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Surveying depth of Budha Nallah - March 21

View of Budha Nallah looking west. I spent the month trying to get surveyed drawings, but alas the town told me to complete my own survey

Gloves, rope, brick, spray paint and my wonderful helpers, Avlok, Chanu and his friend ... all set to go

Before you knew it, we had a crowd gathering around us sharing their views on life around the Nallah

Even though i was wearing gloves, I had to thoroughly clean my arms and hands because I stunk

Existing and proposed treatment plants to restore water quality in Budha Nallah

Area affected by pollution of Budha Nallah

Envisioning Budha Nallah as a pedestrian oriented spine of Ludhiana city

Proposed Land Use - based on master plan Ludhiana 2007-2021

Area within Municipal Corporation limits

Existing Land Use

Area within Municipal Corporation Limits

Water systems in Ludhiana District

Budha Nallah is the only natural water system running east-west through the heart of the urban center of Ludhiana

Historical Map of Punjab - 1947

Map of 'Punj' 'ab' - the land of five rivers, 1947